I keep thinking about the project triangle with it’s three points: cheap, fast and good. Pick two. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. You’re supposed to get two out of the three. You sacrifice quality to have it fast and cheap. Or if you want a high quality product, you’ll with have wait or pay through the nose. But when the project is a one-man labor of love, the money angle is removed. There is no cheap. No one’s getting paid anything so all that’s left is fast or good; opposing ends of the same piece of thread. Pulling on one automatically and directly affects the other. There is not third intermediary to help absorb the impact of diminishing either of the other two. You get fast or good. that’s it. So in the short term what I’m finding is that ‘good’ is what’s going suffer. I have to focus on the fast, and I figure that eventually I’ll keep getting better as a byproduct of continuing the work. Didn’t somebody say: “First you get good. Then you get fast. Eventually you get fast and good.” Or was it first you get fast? Anyway, that’s what I’m gunning for: fast AND good. Then I’ll worry about the money part.